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Published and awarded pet photographer serving the Charleston SC area with seasonal appointments in Northern Virginia.


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Studio Sessions

In Virginia, I had a dedicated studio space, but when we moved here full-time in 2016, I decided to offer a mobile or pop-up studio instead. Well, on September 1, 2019, all that changed as we christened my space here!

My studio options include warm colors and rich textures and the opportunity to see your pet in a formal setting. It has hosted animals ranging from a chipmunk to cats and kittens, to litters of puppies, to a Giant Schnauzer and so many other guests in between! While the committed space is available here, I do also have portable gear so can still bring a studio to you - this works well for pets who may fare better in their own homes.

Over the years, I have found studio time is most effective with pets who are well-behaved (or at least somewhat controllable) and under good voice command - a solid "sit/stay" is REALLY helpful, but I can work around everything else.

If you are interested in discussing a studio session, please contact me. A few sample photos follow. Foster pets for shelters and rescues are always welcome to come for photos too!


In favorable weather, I offer a combined indoor/outdoor session where pets are photographed in the studio and then we take some time outdoors as well.


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