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"For the pictures see what we do not see, if only because we are too busy to see them."
~ Lorenzo Dominguez

Fall, 2017

Roux's 1st Family Photo, 2015

With my sweet Bandit, 2013

Above photos courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography




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I’m a dog girl, plain and simple. I have always loved animals of every sort and, really, some of my best friends have been dogs. They are, to me, the most amazing creatures and they completely inspire me in so many areas of my life.

I love the things that come together to make a photo - colors, light, angles, shadows, and let's not forget expression! Self-taught, I have read and studied volumes of technical textbooks and inspirational works, practiced and experimented, finally combining a passion for all things dog with this creative interest as a business venture in 2007/2008. I am proud to say my work has been published in the US and internationally. I have been fortunate enough to earn accolades over the years, most recently being named 2019 Best Pet Photographer in Mount Pleasant's Magazine's annual "Best Of" competition for the second year in a row. More info on publishings, etc., can be viewed under the FAQs tab.

In business for over a decade now, I am confident in my practices, my approach, and my workflow. I know of people who woke up one morning and decided they were going to be a photographer - that's not me. This was an intentional path, one that was borne of passion, for sure (after years of photo'ing adoptables and other animals), but it also took planning, experimentation, studying and honing of a particular skillset. Before I promoted myself, before I "hung my shingle", I met with an awarded pet photographer whose work I admired. She critiqued my portfolio and we discussed the business of pet photography (because, believe me, it isn't all just taking photos!). I communicated with an internationally recognized pet photographer about style. I picked the brain of a lifelong friend who is a highly recognized and awarded photographer. And then I really started working at it as a business. None of this happened by accident or on a whim.

Over the years, I have acquired a soft spot for senior dogs and rescue animals. I spend about a quarter of my time volunteering with rescues by photographing adoptables, fundraising support, events, etc. The rest of my time is devoted to client work and family. After losing my last gorgeous senior dog and BFF, Bandit (pictured, bottom left), in 2014, I created a program to honor him: "Always With Me" - you can read about it here.

Then, unexpectedly, in January, 2015, we brought home a five-month old puppy, Roux (below). More than four years later now, when he sees my camera, he pushes to get near it. When I setup lights for studio work, he sits himself in front of them and gives me exactly what I ask. As a result of his work, he has had many successes, including commercial modeling gigs and photo contest wins. Roux is featured prominently in my work and appears peppered all over my Facebook and Instagram accounts. In October, 2017 we welcomed a second unexpected red leopard into our home - Gracie. She is getting the hang of modeling and her photos have started popping up across my work as well!


About Me:
- I haven’t vacationed without my dogs since 2003 and I wouldn't have it any other way.
- Sometimes I can literally feel my heart swell when I’m looking at Roux (especially when he’s snuggling … or when he first wakes in the morning … maybe not so much when he’s destroying my stuff.)
- I adore when shy shelter dogs give me kisses during their photo time.
- I am introverted by nature. When I go to a party, I will always seek out the family dog(s) for company first. No offense to the hosts.
- As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian, or a marine biologist.
- Chances are good I will show up to your session wearing flip-flops.
- I used to be terrified of gorillas but now will be the first in line to any movie that includes chimps or great apes (proving that you can learn to love what you fear)!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, my end products show time and attention to details of moments you may have seen as they happened during our session - or missed because they happened just that quickly. The care I will take with your photos will be evident in every proof, every product. You will not see every image I take – but those I put forth for you are the ones I deem the best and I am proud to have stand with my name on them.

If, after browsing this page, you think we may be a good match, please do get in touch so we can get your pet scheduled and capture some lasting memories for you.

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