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Thank you for voting me as Best Pet Photographer for the last SIX years! Your confidence continues to mean the world to me and I am honored to work with so many loving families and dedicated rescue groups.

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Thanks for stopping by my place on the web! If you have landed here, you are likely on the road to commissioning custom photography of your precious pet (or pets). I commend you for taking this important step in documenting their journey with you! You will never regret having legacy quality, beautiful photos that honor your relationship. But wait ...

I love what I do. Pet photography is not an add-on or supplemental service for me - it IS my full-time specialty and pet photography has been a committed part of my business since 2003 - that's TWENTY YEARS NOW! Your pets and your relationship with them are my priority and my focus. With so many years working with a variety of pet personalities -- from shy to gregarious, or wild puppies to practiced models, and pets who, for whatever reason, take time to warm up -- I have infinite patience in this area of my life and am proud of my ability to connect with all of them to bring you authentic portraits of your much loved pets, whether a dog, cat, pig, bearded dragon or an alpaca! I'm pleased to say I've had them all as clients over the years! Still not convinced? See what clients are saying!

Every subject is unique and my personal goal is to capture an essence, an expression or a spirit so that you will always have that moment, even if you didn't see it as it occurred. I love working outdoors with natural light, but also offer a studio option with multiple background opportunities for clients who may want a more formal pet portrait - or maybe just something different like a treat toss or an ice cream session!

Worried your pet is the worst behaved EVER? Don't be! I promise in my many years of doing this, I have seen everything! Think you can't have a session because your pet is usually leashed? Don't worry! Your pet's safety is paramount so they would be leashed during their session too (unless in a secured area) and I'll take care of the leashes digitally on final prints and products.

I am ridiculously rescue-friendly and, to thank those who adopt, I offer order discounts for rescued pets and their people. Military and LEOs are also discounted on their orders and Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Officers are offered complimentary sessions. I volunteer my time weekly to Charleston Animal Society photographing their adoptable animals and work regularly with other rescues and shelters to photo their in-shelter and fostered adoptables, assist with fundraising and events, etc. Read more about my rescue work here. As an example, in 2020, my hosting or participating in photo fundraising projects helped earn our shelters and rescues about $20,000! Not too shabby for a pandemic year!

My services and products are offered at affordable rates, making this a viable opportunity for everyone. Feel free to browse my portfolio galleries, or social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram are both updated throughout the week). If you are inspired to ask questions or schedule a session, please contact me.

Shoot me a message with Subscribe in the subject line to stay in the know - generally only one email per month that includes photo selections, upcoming rescue or other events, etc. You can also quick-subscribe via my Contact page pop-up.

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Ongoing: Adoptable Animal Photo Sessions. 

February 16-18, 2024 | SEWE

April 13, 2024 | Lowcountry Dog Magazine's Dogapalooza.


Away/Downtime Dates:

December 21, 2023 - January 4, 2024

Mid-April, 2024

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