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HeARTs Speak Work

I am proud to say that over the last several years I have photographed adoptable animals reaching into the thousands (spanning across a number of different rescues). Currently, I shoot primarily for the Charleston Animal Society as a weekly activity and for their events as requested, but am always willing to work with other rescues as well. I have been a Service Professional and Artist member of HeArts Speak since 2012. If you volunteer with or officially represent a rescue organization and wish to discuss having your fosters or shelter pets photographed, please contact me. I am happy to support your efforts and there is no charge associated with this service. (And if you are geographically out of my area, I will refer you to someone who can assist you in your region.)

I also have a relationship with a pet locator app service where they post my photos of adoptables weekly - additional positive exposure for your shelter and the animals in your care is NEVER a bad thing!

If you are interested in adopting, please visit my Facebook page where I routinely post adoptables along with whatever impression they may have made on me. (It's a much quicker proposition for me to update Facebook with adoptables and statuses than this site!)

Olympia, formerly with Ring Dog Rescue


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